Entomological dioramas under glass bell
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How are dioramas created?
For the structures, I use different materials (polystyrene, pieces of wood, plaster, pebbles, plastics) that I carve, cut, sand and then paint.
For sets, I also use many materials that I transform according to the theme of creation. I make most items by hand: trees, walls, some vegetation, objects, .. And for some, I use tools and accessories model rail (synthetic herbs, some buildings, plants).
Les personnages sont parfois peint à là main et personnalisés.
J’utilise de vrais insectes que j’étale moi-même avec des épingles et du papier Cristal.
Une création nécessite en moyenne 30h à 40h de travail.
Where do the insects used come from?

I find insects through different partners: known collectors referenced in France and private or professional breeders of insects who reproduce and breed at home and sell insects once dead.

Can I order a creation?
You can order a creation by clicking on the button " Order " which is on each creation page or at the bottom of the site. Just fill out the form and I'll get back to you soon to manage delivery.
Where do you deliver dioramas?
Most of my creations are fragile, that's why I only deliver on the city of Clermont-Ferrand and surroundings.
Some small creations (12 × 12 cm) are more robust and can be sent but I decline any responsibility in case of breakage on arrival. I can only make sure that they leave in the best possible conditions (embedded in polystyrene).
For the bigger ones, the best solution is to pick them up. However, there is another possibility: « bring4you » a Blablacar service for parcels. This site is serious but requires organization and additional cost to the buyer.
I would like a custom diorama, how to proceed?

You want a personalized creation that will be the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself? It's possible !

Just click on the tab " Personalize " and fill out the form by presenting me the desires / themes / elements that you wish to appear in your creation. You can also contact me directly by phone at +33648738233.

However this remains as far as possible, I do not know how to do everything in terms of modeling and if I do not feel able to respond to your requests by something well done I reserve the right to say no.

How much does a creation cost?
It depends on the working time, the materials, the bell and the insects used (the prices vary according to their size / rarity).
Il y en a pour tous les budgets, les plus petites et moins coûteuses sont vendues aux alentours de 150€ et les plus volumineuses et laborieuses sont aux alentours de 500€.
La plupart sont aux alentours de 250-300€.