Entomological dioramas under glass bell
Suivez-moi !


Hi, i'm Guilbo.
Welcome to my cabinet of curiosities.

How was Microcos born?

I have often practiced the visual arts in a sharing process. Instructor educator, I used it as educational mediation with the public which I accompanied (children and adults in handicap situation).

My recent work with people with an autism spectrum disorder has helped a lot in my openness and creative development. I gathered all the things I had a strong interest in during my artistic career: my fascination since childhood for insects, my experiences in model making / miniature with wharammer, my passion for cinema and series. I mixed everything and I made a first creation inspired by "Up" movie with butterflies. From there, I focused on this activity and was overwhelmed by my desires and ideas ...

I first titled this project Under the Dôme in reference to the eponymous series, which later became Microcos in reference to the movie Microcosmos that I loved when I was younger.

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