Entomological dioramas under glass bell
Suivez-moi !


Let your imagination take you under the glass bell and travel with giant insects that are real!

I wish to transmit another look at these little unhappy beings who populate our gardens and forests. I was often surprised how easily most people were disgusted or frightened by insects, which, however, are generally harmless. I hope that by putting them in scene I could help you to observe them in a fresh way.

NB: No insect was killed or mistreated during the "shooting" of these series of creations. They all come from farms respecting nature.

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EP.52 – Souvenir d’en haut
EP.51 – Ant-Man’secret garden
EP.50 – Promenade de santé
EP.49 – Pimpa’s paradise
EP.48 – Papilio-Aéronef
EP.47 – Papillon au vent
EP.46 – Le 1000’Pattes Express
EP.45 – L’île aux enfants
EP.44 – Un voyage hors du commun
EP.42 – L’envolée du Prince
EP.41 – Pokemon Stadium
EP.40 – Méditation guidée
EP.39 – Bombe anti-insecte
EP.38 – Rencontre du 3ème type